In short: who met whom on July 25, 2017?

The public prosecutor lists several appointments between Kurz and Novomatic.

In principle, three meetings between Sebastian Kurz with ex-Novomatic boss Harald Neumann and the founder Johann Graf are listed in the order for the house search. What did Sebastian Kurz actually do on those days?

The KURIER did the “appointment check”:

    • On July 25th – twelve days after Neumann’s cell phone message to Gernot Blümel – there should have been a meeting between Novomatic founder Graf and Kurz. Because an appointment with the subject “Short” is entered in the appointment calendar of Johann Graf’s personal assistant. Graf says that he meant his daughter-in-law Martina Kurz, who had her birthday a few days before. The prosecutor doubts this because there is no other appointment with Kurz in the calendar. Martina Kurz was a Novomatic Supervisory Board member from 2015 to 2018.
    • “According to the current state of knowledge, no reference to the supervisory board member Martina Kurz is recognizable,” said the public prosecutor. It is not possible to find out where the then foreign minister was that day. He no longer has his 2017 calendar, whether or not the calendar had been handed over to the State Archives could not be determined by the editorial deadline.
    • Furthermore, there should have been a meeting with the Novomatic group spokesman and Kurz, the public prosecutor lists. The public prosecutor’s office concludes from the fact that the corporate spokesman had entered “Kurz” in his calendar. In fact, Kurz gave a lecture to around 100 guests, at which the company spokesman was also present.
    • And then there was breakfast between Neumann and Sebastian Kurz in the Hotel Sacher, which was organized by PR entrepreneur Gaby Spiegelfeld. But that should not have been a face-to-face conversation between the then foreign minister and the ex-Novomatic CEO, as the online medium Zackzack insinuates, but a breakfast with a total of 15 to 20 CEOs such as Siemens boss Wolfgang Hesoun. It is said from the Federal Chancellery that Kurz has been holding talks like this for many years in order to gain impetus for Austria as a business location. IN THE

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