In Sound Mind: Horror Game for free on the Epic Games Store

An interesting scary game is currently being offered for free in the Epic Games Store. The download is worth it!

If you are still looking for a free game for the upcoming weekend and also want to get involved in horror games, you should pay a visit to the Epic Games Store. The scary game “In Sound Mind” for Windows will be available there for free download until March 24th. Last year’s first-person game features a different character in each chapter. Players do not have to be afraid of jump scares, these are only used very subtly. The game mechanics still make it creepy.

Boss fights and puzzles

The different chapters and characters are linked by an old tape recorder. At the heart of the game is the unraveling of a conspiracy surrounding a mysterious chemical. In addition to tricky boss fights, numerous puzzles await the player in “In Sound Mind”. These differ depending on the protagonist. The game mechanics also change with each chapter, which provides enough variety.

Indie game with scary factor

The Epic Games Store is giving away the basic version of In Sound Mind. If you want the soundtrack or the art book, you will be asked to pay in addition. But the basic version also offers all existing game content. Players should definitely have a certain tolerance for frustration. After all, it is an indie game from a small developer. This has taken the horror games of the last few decades as a model and largely dispensed with frightening moments.

Download In Sound Mind for free on the Epic Games Store

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