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In The Sky of the Limit, SBS6 follows rich and successful Dutch people

With The Sky is the Limit: rich and successful in the Netherlands SBS6 gives an insight into the world of the ‘happy few’. What does that really look like? Subway speaks with Dionne, one of the participants.

Nine successful and sometimes flamboyant compatriots show their opulence and their world of boundless ambitions on TV from tonight, but above all that little has come of its own. We can see that they worked very hard and many sacrifices had to be made The Sky is the Limit: rich and successful in the Netherlands. What does success actually mean to these people?

The Sky is the Limit success across the border

In Belgium The Sky is the Limit on the TV for five years, with success. So now the Netherlands will follow. We see, for example, Angelo White (30) and Chanel Soree (27), a young glamor couple from Amsterdam. He is a successful director at home and abroad, she an ambitious influencer. Just like the Brabant shoe king Zeynep Dag (30), who made a young fortune when her designer walkers were discovered by Rihanna and Beyoncé. And also Jan Knoppert (84), one of the greatest horticulturalists in Westland who once started at the bottom of the ladder.

Dionne Schulf in The Sky is the Limit

Subway said Dionne Schulf, owner of the marketing company that has grown rapidly over eleven years Friends of the Brands. Since 2009, her company has ‘brought influential people into contact with brands in a personal and authentic way’. This is how the objectives of those brands must be achieved. Not only did she work on the road, but also Edwin van Twist (54), the man she married three years ago. Van Twist was able to sell his hard-working laboratory well, took a temporary break and now has a new ‘lab success’. “His success with QTI Services BV is even greater than Friends of the Brands. He is currently testing foods for hazardous substances and quality, among other things, but the PCR corona tests will soon be added to that. ” Dionne works for Europe from Amsterdam, but has a large collaboration in Dubai. She stays there regularly with her husband. Together they are currently building a villa in Rotterdam.

Metro’s reporter once got to know Dionne Schulf as the marketing manager of Stage Entertainment (Joop van den Ende). That was – it sounds a bit like a happy few – during a press trip to a theater group The Blue Men Group on Broadway in New York. Dionne had to introduce the striking blue-painted gentlemen in the Netherlands. At the time it was also part of a great success, albeit like a cog in a whole. “I did realize that then The Blue Men Group had to be the closing act at the TMF Awards with Tiësto and we succeeded. There it is fighting and out of the box-thought started because Stage Entertainment had never done anything like it. ”

Business not inherited from parents

Dionne comes from a so-called ‘normal family’. “My stepfather was a musician and accountant, my mother worked in a ministry. They worked hard, but my parents are absolutely not entrepreneurial. I did not inherit that from them. I left home when I was seventeen. ”

A photo of Dionne from The Sky is the Limit with her husband
Dionne Schulf with her husband Edwin van Twist.

Dionne became a widow at a young age and became a single mother to a now 22-year-old son. When he went to high school, she now had ‘a pretty tough job’ at a fashion retailer. “I could no longer combine that with motherhood and that was the reason for me to become an entrepreneur. I could combine that. I could immediately set a good example of hard work for my son. And show that if you really want something, but don’t have the right wheelbarrows, you can still succeed by fighting. ” She is now 51 years old. Nobody really gives her that age, just get at least ten years off. “Haha, that scares more people. I have good genes and come from a strong female family, I think. My grandmother is 98 and she really does everything. My age is correct in terms of tranquility and experience. I’m much less concerned about what people think and say about me. If there are lesser reactions to it The Sky is the Limit I can deal with it better than I used to. “

Thinking about The Sky is the Limit

When SBS6 approached her for the TV show, Dionne had to think for a moment. Being in the foreground isn’t exactly her biggest hobby. “The Sky is the Limit however, has been my personal pay off for ten years now. When I saw an email with that title, it caught my attention. That triggered me, but also the fact that you get a glimpse into the lives of entrepreneurs. And not only the beautiful side, but also the blood, sweat and tears side. The latter was the most important thing for me to participate. I hope that I can inspire people and show that entrepreneurship has both sides. ”

Success does not happen, that much became clear to her in life. “You have to be able to cope well with disappointments. Every entrepreneur knows that you have good harvests, but also less so. The trick is to stay positive and be creative. You can see that very much in this covid time. Many entrepreneurs get up with creative ideas and concepts to still get a little business. They could also have given up. ” With Friends of the Brands she was able to continue reasonably well last year. “Two of the five branches, including destination marketing, came to a standstill. Normally I organize twenty events a year. That became three, of which one online. But we have three thousand brands in our portfolio. Many went in search of a new identity, especially online. Fortunately, we were able to work hard for this with social media and influencer campaigns. ”

Success is a crazy term

That Dionne and her Edwin ‘have so much success’, she thinks is a strange term. “I’m not quick to say it about myself anyway. I say earlier that I have worked so hard all these years that I took my chances. And that I have turned disappointments into certain successes. I have been given freedoms by being able to work with whoever I want and can come and go wherever I want. And that I can experience all of this in good health is the most important thing. ”

She hopes so The Sky is the Limit in addition to a fun program, it is also inspiring for viewers. Dionne therefore allowed much, if not everything. “I am a private person and always the star in the background, but if you participate in something like this you really have to show people and experience who you are. Both business and private. In the program I am completely myself. ”

A photo of Dionne from The Sky is the Limit
Dionne behind the microphone. Own picture.

About moving to Rotterdam, as a woman who loves the capital so much. How come? Dionne: „Haha. I fell in love with a pedigree Rotterdammer. I tried to convey the love I have for Amsterdam to Edwin. That did not work, you cannot get Rotterdam from a Rotterdammer. ” Doesn’t that feel like a major defeat for someone who succeeds a lot? She laughs again. “Actually yes, huh? If you know how much effort I put into… But together we fell in love with a beautiful plot. And you know? I love Amsterdam, but I am actually more of a world citizen. ”

Once on a world trip, but not yet

She does not yet know whether they will soon enjoy life together in the port city and stop their successful work. “Do you know what it is about entrepreneurship? It is always bubbling, you always see opportunities. Of course I hope to make a nice world trip with my husband one day, but I still have too much ambition and big dreams. Edwin has just started again, so I think we’ll keep busy for a while. We like it and love to work. In any case, I will keep going as long as I like it. ”

That sounds like a happy Dionne. “Yes, I am very happy. I was a tough single mother and I met my prince five years ago. A deep valley has also brought me a lot. I have now found the balance, which is very nice. ”

The Sky is the Limit: rich and successful in the Netherlands can be seen weekly on Tuesday at 8.30 pm on SBS6 and from tonight (19 January).

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