In the US, the Volkswagen ID.4 will arrive later than expected

The spearhead of the German group’s global electric offensive, the ID.4 SUV has been delayed for a few months on the American market. At issue: the priority given to Europe given the challenges in terms of CO2.

In the United States, customers interested in the Volkswagen ID.4 will have to wait. The first model from the MEB platform intended for a global career, the ID.4 was originally due to be launched in certain American states, including California, in December 2020, in parallel with the first European deliveries. A date that the manufacturer has finally chosen to postpone to March 2021.

According to Automotive News, this decision was motivated by the European context. Forced by CO2 targets and determined to avoid fines as much as possible, the Volkswagen group has chosen to give priority to deliveries in Europe and, consequently, to delay those planned in the United States.

Soon made in USA

While the first copies of the ID.4 will come directly from the German plant in Zwickau, the manufacturer plans to quickly switch to local production. Currently being expanded to accommodate the SUV assembly lines, the Chattanooga, Tennessee plant will be operational starting in 2022.

Important detail for purists: the battery cells will not come from the same supplier. While the ID.4s assembled in Zwickau receive cells from Korean LG, SK Innovation, another Korean supplier, will equip those manufactured on American soil.


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