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Search engine Holidu researched the sweetest places in the Netherlands. By looking at the Google data, they examined which cities had the most bakeries, pastry shops and patisseries.

10. Schiedam

With 6.1 patisseries and pastry shops for a population of 20,000, Schiedam is the first city to secure a place on this list. In Schiedam, for example, you will find delicious baklava at the beloved Turkish Patisserie LaTadia.

9. Utrecht

Do you know the Dom turrets or butter spiers? These delicacies come of course from Utrecht. The well-known Dom towers are pure bonbons filled with a chocolate filling. You score them at Confectioner Theo Blom, just like the butter spit. The butter spit has been around since 1888. This city has 6.3 patisseries and pastry shops for a population of 20,000.

8. Alkmaar

You should not only be in Alkmaar for cheese, but also for sweets. With just as many patisseries and pastry shops in the number of residents surveyed as Utrecht, Alkmaar is right at home in this list. Well-known in the city are Patisserie A.C. de Boer and Bakkerij Beerse.

7. Haarlem

In the capital of the province of Noord-Holland you will find no fewer than 51 bakers, pastry shops and patisseries. At the French Boulangerie Oscar you will find the tastiest madeleines and almond croissants.

6. Lead

Anyone with a sweet tooth would feel right at home in Leiden, this city is packed with sweet spots. For the tastiest cakes and pastries you can, for example, succeed at patisserie VINTEAGE.

5. Breda

Not a Bossche sphere, but the Nassau sphere. In Breda you will find this ball made of butter, currants, forest fruit bavarois with a layer of caramel at the end. Also extremely popular is the Ginnekoek, made by bakery Joppen. You should definitely not miss this airy and slightly crispy cake with a creamy vanilla filling when visiting Breda.

4. The Hague

With 7 pastry shops and pastry shops for a population of 20,000, The Hague deserves a nice place on this list. For the famous carrot cake you have to go to Koekela and Pompernikkel is the famous sourdough bakery.

3 Arnhem

Do you know the Arnhem girls? These are the cookies of Arnhem. In 1829, the very first Arnhem Girl was baked, a crunchy biscuit richly sprinkled with sugar. Partly thanks to these cookies and other treats, Arnhem is in third place.

2. Maastricht

Is your mouth water already on this list? Just wait until you arrive in Maastricht. From Pletskeskook to Limburge flan, this Limburg town has a large number of pastry shops.

1. Amsterdam

For the first place we have to be in our capital. With over 350 bakeries, pastry shops and pastry shops, this is really the sweetest city in the Netherlands. The city is full of pastry artworks, Tout Patisserie and My little Patisserie score high in this.


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