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Equipped for business, that already sounds soothing before you even arrive at the Frisian farm in Heerenveen! And then we haven’t even tried the soft box spring in one of the six rooms.

The entrance into the farm, built in 1830, is already surprising: the walls, the characteristic gabled roof and the beams of the building are all authentic, but within them architect Bart Vos placed six modern cubes that serve as a room.

Lesson Frisian

Once the front door is open, you are actually in a frame, including pavers on the floor. In the cozy common room, a robust table and kitchen are invitingly ready to join, with a trust bar just as tempting around the corner. The rooms themselves are numbered in Frisian with Ien, Twa, Trije, Fjouwer, etc., which is also good for the first Frisian lessons.

Our room Twa is located on the second floor, accessible by yet another robust wooden staircase and under the sloping roof where, in good weather, there is a true green oasis of plants, although these have now been carefully stored away from the approaching cold. The braided seats with (fake) fur draped over them have a panoramic view of the extensive meadows through which the water meanders, it doesn’t get much more Frisian!

Design bath

Behind the glass door of Twa we find a little Scandinavian world, with a large high-gloss round dining table with mint green plastic designer chairs, a color that is also reflected in the tiles of the bathroom en suite (with designer bath!). In the wooden pantry we find just about everything we need to no longer have to leave the room: tea, coffee, wine and an amount of chocolate that makes a person happy.

We are also happy with hostess Bianca Veenstra-van der Wal, who is so enthusiastic about not only her B&B (logical and rightly so) but also the environment that it is infectious; a true proud Frisian.

Best breakfast ever

Although the weather is not right, the garden is undoubtedly lovely in the summer. From there you can easily board an additional dinghy or paddle board. Do you have completely different wishes? Bianca is a walking tourist office with her knowledge and hospitality. So hospitable, in fact, that an online wine tasting of Into the wine has been scheduled in the evening, including an extensive snack board.

The next morning, one of the most elaborate breakfasts ever in the history of Hotel of the Week is presented on the same shelf, but at least one meter long. It is a challenge to get the thing up the stairs, because of corona it is now impossible in the fine kitchen, but once upstairs we eat our little hangover away with croissants with tasty strawberries, a freshly boiled egg, smoothie, yogurt with granola, fruit, American pancakes and savory sandwiches.

We Are Not Only Equipped, But We Are Filled For Business!



Scandinavian, so a lot of white, wood and design, alternated with mint green and matte gold from the clothes rack, for example.


On the outskirts of Heerenveen, with meadows, a forest and beach nearby. Plenty of private parking in the yard.


You have a good Bianca: she will tell you everything you want to know, and that in an enthusiastic way.


Due to corona, check-in is now done online, with a code received via email, the door can be opened and facilities such as dinner or a snack board can be pre-ordered.

From about 137 euros per night,

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