In times of corona, Airbnb is introducing new cleaning rules

Due to the current corona crisis, rental platform Airbnb will introduce a new cleaning protocol from May. Airbnb will provide guidelines on cleaning the different rooms in a rental house. The new protocol should reassure both landlords and tenants.

It Enhanced Cleaning Initiative, the new Airbnb cleaning protocol, is not required for hosts. Customers can find on the website which landlords participate in the initiative. Airbnb claims that this protocol is the industry’s first comprehensive, standardized cleaning and disinfection protocol.

24 hours between bookings

In the protocol of more than 40 pages you will find the cleaning standard and the specific products that you can use for cleaning. Landlords ask the platform to allow at least 24 hours between each booking. For example, Airbnb reduces the chance that their tenants can catch a virus from the previous tenants. Landlords must also ensure that the social distancing and other hygiene rules within the home are respected.


Another rule is to shut down the place where a possible corona patient has stayed. In that place, the windows must be opened so that the air circulation increases. The room may only be cleaned and disinfected 24 hours after the infected person has left the room.

Cleaning guidelines also include recommendations for personal protective equipment such as masks and gloves. Landlords must wear it while cleaning their property. Airbnb did not discuss whether landlords would be reimbursed for the purchase of cleaning products or protective equipment.

Research with tenants


Airbnb knows from their research that cleanliness is a high priority for their tenants. “Customers want to know exactly what the landlord does to keep the place tidy,” said Chris Lehane, senior vice president of Airbnb.

The cleaning protocol requires landlords to use a list of approved products. If landlords cannot commit to the requirements of the cleaning protocol, they can choose to use “a booking buffer”. Landlords keep their rental home empty for 72 hours instead of 24 hours.

$ 250 million

To mitigate the financial damage that the coronavirus has wreaked on the rental platform, Airbnb announced it will set aside $ 250 million (nearly 230 million) to help landlords with their lost bookings. Airbnb also extended the free cancellation period for bookings between March 14 and May 31.


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