Incorrect? Lawsuit against Tesla for unauthorized pile setting for soil tests

At the reopening of his electric car factory in Fremont at the beginning of May, Tesla CEO Elon Musk openly opposed the authorities in County Alameda and said he would be arrested if necessary. And also when building the German Gigafactory near Berlin, Tesla may have violated applicable law, also publicly, but without the announcement of the CEO: in mid-May, observers of the Gigafactory events in Grünheide reported ramming the first piles in the Brandenburg soil, probably for foundations -Testing. But at this point, this work had not yet been approved.

Tesla’s proposal came later

The RBB is now reporting this on its website, citing the Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment. The ministry has temporarily stopped stake setting and the Oder-Spree district has initiated a lawsuit against Tesla for an administrative offense that is still ongoing. Because the placing of piles near the groundwater required approval from the district, which Tesla had not obtained in advance.

This was apparently made up for after the work had stopped, and last week it was again observed how a giant ram sank a total of 19 piles on the Tesla site. When asked about this, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Environment said that the work had been “confirmed and permitted,” but did not mention the ministry’s previous intervention and the administrative offense proceedings against Tesla.

As became clearer this week, the piles in the Gigafactory floor should serve to determine its stability. Contrary to the original plans, Tesla plans to build the Gigafactory on a pile foundation from the beginning of April, according to the environment ministry, but for which no changes have so far appeared to have been submitted. However, as was also announced this week, Tesla was approved to lay some flat partial foundations, pipelines, supports and construction pits. The country has only approved this work and all previous work with reservations – Tesla must undo it if the project fails.

Tesla faces a fine of 50,000 euros

But CEO Musk should try to prevent this by almost all means. In Fremont, as far as is known, his rebellion against the continuation of the Corona lock had no consequences. According to a report by the RBB Gigafactory opponents, Grünheide had already filed a criminal complaint against Tesla because construction vehicles had been refueled there without protective measures. However, the public prosecutor denied the complaint because there were no initial suspicions. And should a decision now be taken against the Tesla because of an administrative offense, there is only a mild penalty: according to the German Water Budget Act named by the Ministry, a maximum of 50,000 euros fine.


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