Increased accident risk: Mercedes-Benz has to call back the S-Class

Daimler boss Ola Källenius in the new Factory 56. Photo: Daimler

The Stuttgart-based Daimler Group has to order its new flagship, the S-Class from the luxury brand Mercedes-Benz, into the workshops with immediate effect. The current recall campaign is called “Inner tie rod version” and “Promotion code 4691005”. The corresponding letter to the customer contains the bold note “due to a potentially high security risk”immediately“And is available to

It was found “that the front-axle steering of your vehicle could not have installed the inner tie rods intended for the vehicle type”, it said in the express message to the owner of the S-Class with the factory code 223, which was only presented in September 2020. “Should be If short inner tie rods were installed, the required minimum screw-in depth to the outer tie rod would not have been given. “

This is followed by three urgent warnings: “In this case, the connection could not permanently withstand the stresses of driving.” And: “Buckling or tearing of the inner tie rods could not be ruled out over the life of the vehicle.” Worse still: “This would make the vehicle easier to steer affect what would increase the risk of accidents. “

Mercedes-Benz therefore please, “immediately“To make an appointment with the authorized service partner. As a precautionary measure, the premium manufacturer will check the inner tie rods and replace them if necessary. Regarding the financial consequences of the campaign, it says: “The work required for this is of course free of charge for you.” And – with regard to the time required, S-Class owners who may be as excited as they are annoyed: “We apologize for this additional workshop visit and hope for Your understanding.”

The possible assembly error is particularly worrying for Daimler, as the new S-Class is produced in the ultra-modern Factory 56 at the Sindelfingen location. Daimler puts the total investment in the new factory complex at 730 million euros. “Factory 56 embodies the future of production at Mercedes-Benz and sets new standards for automobile construction,” said the opening in September 2020. In Factory 56, for example, efficiency increases by 25 percent compared to the previous S-Class assembly . Daimler CEO Ola Källenius emphasized at the start of production: “With Factory 56 we have succeeded in successfully combining flexibility, efficiency, digitalization and sustainability.”

When asked by, a spokesman for Mercedes-Benz said: “Worldwide, up to 1,400 units of the new S-Class that are already in customer hands could be affected by the current recall. We became aware of this complaint based on feedback from a supplier. This component is delivered pre-assembled as a complete system and installed. “


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