increased aid for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles

Like individuals, businesses are benefiting from increased assistance as part of the auto recovery plan. On the program: an ecological bonus raised to € 5,000 and a double conversion bonus to encourage professionals to renew their fleets.

This Tuesday, May 26, was a new lease of life for electrified cars. Individuals welcome the increase in the bonus and the opening of the conversion premium. But Emmanuel Macron does not abandon companies, quite the contrary.

An electric bonus increased to € 5,000

Since January 1, 2020, the halving of the bonus for the purchase of a car or electric utility vehicle had been viewed with disapproval. The government therefore corrects the sorting, but with aid limited to € 5,000, less than the € 7,000 now granted to individuals. As with the current system, this aid only concerns vehicles whose price does not exceed € 45,000.

Another novelty: the bonus for rechargeable vehicles returns, again for fleets. For everyone, the amount allocated is € 2,000, with a maximum purchase price of € 50,000. Another parameter to respect, the electric range of the car must be more than 50 kilometers. However, the press kit does not specify whether this autonomy is calculated in the NEDC or WLTP cycle.

In some regions, cities or departments, a cumulative bonus exists. Find local initiatives in our dossier on aid for the purchase of an electric utility.

Conversion bonus doubled to € 5,000

Often forgotten, the conversion bonus is also available for professionals. This was € 2,500 maximum for the acquisition of a new or used electric car. It is now doubled, up to € 5,000. This amount will be limited in time, as it is reserved for the first 200,000 customers, whether individuals or businesses.

By combining bonuses and conversion bonuses, the total government aid for companies now reaches up to € 10,000. Finally, the 2.000 € extra premium granted to the inhabitants and workers of EPZs is not clearly indicated for companies.

The State specifies that the car recovery plan will concern industrial or heavy vehicles, ” in a second time “.

TVS exemption still relevant

We would almost forget it, but companies can also take advantage of the exemption from TVS, an annual tax indexed on the level of CO2.

The scale does not change. For vehicles emitting less than 60 g / km of CO2, ie electric vehicles and most rechargeable hybrids, the exemption is total. Between 61 and 100 g / km of CO2, it will be limited to a period of 3 years or 12 quarters, before being increased to 2 € per g CO2 / year.


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