Increasing radicalization: Söder warns of “Corona-RAF”

After the storming of the US Capitol, Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder fears that the “lateral thinkers” protests in Germany could also become increasingly aggressive and even violent. In an interview with “WELT AM SONNTAG”, the CSU chairman said: “Bad thoughts turn into bad words and at some point also bad deeds.”

That is why one should not only improve the security measures for the democratic institutions in Germany, but also fundamentally look at the sect-like movement of “lateral thinkers” and other comparable groups. The protection of the constitution has a central task.

August: Protesters storm the stairs of the Reichstag

Last August, aggressive demonstrators also penetrated the stairs of the Reichstag after a corona demonstration. Among them are right-wing extremists, who have clearly identified themselves through flags and slogans. Unlike in the US, the police were able to prevent them from entering the building.

Söder warned that from the environment of the AfD “a corona mob or a kind of corona RAF could form in Germany that could become increasingly aggressive and even violent”.

Terrorism expert Peter Neumann from King’s College in London also expresses concern after the incident in the US. According to the news portal “” spoke of the storming of the Capitol as the beginning of an “extremist movement”. The events in Washington are not yet terrorism. But a terrorist movement has rarely been announced in such a spectacular way.



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