‘India government threatens with jail sentences on Twitter, Facebook employees’

Wall Street Journal sources say so on Friday. Hundreds of thousands of farmers have now been protesting against new agricultural laws for months. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is trying to stem dissemination of information about these protests, the Wall Street Journal writes.

The tech companies have received multiple written warnings. In some of these warnings, specific Indian employees of the company would be threatened.

The Indian government is also said to have sent data requests to the tech companies. However, Facebook and Twitter more often do not comply. They only want to respond to “requests that are consistent with international human rights and rule of law standards,” WhatsApp told the US newspaper.

Facebook would have complied with half of the requests to remove content, Twitter only 1 percent. In a dispute with the Indian government in early February, Twitter refused to delete the accounts of several journalists and activists.

Last week, the Indian government imposed new rules on social media companies. For example, they must appoint a contact person for the government, a compliance officer who checks whether posts comply with local regulations and platforms must remove photos showing naked or partially naked people.


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