Indian Vintage Dark Horse / Roadmaster Limited: new bikes for 2021

Indian brings the Vintage Dark Horse and the Roadmaster Limited

In 2021 there will be many new motorcycles, including big ships: Indian will start with the mighty Vintage Dark Horse and the huge Roadmaster Limited.

I.ndian drives meter by meter out of the slipstream of Harley-Davidson out. Two powerful ones New models announces the daughter of Quad specialist Polaris for 2021. There are also new ones Equipment details, Colors to choose from and interesting information on the topic Connectivity.

Indian Vintage Dark Horse: a very unusual Indian bike

The Indian Vintage Dark Horse completely dispenses with the brand-typical chrome jewelry. Fancy!

The Indian Vintage Dark Horse completely atypical for US bikes completely on chrome jewelry. The mighty machine drives “blacked outThat means it’s from the throttle to the exhaust tip for the most part kept in black, mostly matt. The cool Custom look is through black leather bags completed. Indian connoisseur discover another difference to the normal at the Vintage Dark Horse Vintage. One single headlight and renouncing that Windshield slim down the look of the thick cruiser.

The performance of the 116 cubic inches The Americans have not yet commented on the large, air-cooled two-cylinder (1890 ccm) With 168 Nm maximum torque but he should get the ship moving properly. Driving lights, keyless ignition and Cruise control are of course on board. Join in three driving modes. So much coolness and comfort are not cheap, at least the Vintage Dark Horse costs 27,490 euros. Not a bargain, but the price moves at eye level with the competition.

Indian Roadmaster Limited: a luxurious ship on two wheels

Indian Vintage Dark Horse / Roadmaster Limited: new motorcycles 2021

Indian Roadmaster Limited gives the luxury steamer on two wheels. It is opulently furnished.

Also the Roadmaster range gets interesting in 2021 Updates. Apple Carplay and the both heated as well as coolable seat “Clima Command Rogue” are now standard on all vehicles. The Indian Roadmaster Limited go with glossy paint, much chrome, one modern cladding with integrated side cases and one open front fenders to catch customers. The equipment also includes Metzeler Cruisetec tires, adjustable Ventilation openings in disguise, heated handles and one on Push of a button adjustable windscreen.

The amenities of the series include suitcase lockable by remote control, one Topcase with 140 liters of storage space, SECTION, one Cruise control and a Tire pressure controlto name just a few highlights. In addition, it will offer a new one in the future 12 volt connectionto which a lot of external electronics can be connected. Roadmaster Limited is also from 116 cubic inch two-cylinder driven by the American. With 32,990 euros In the cheapest variant, the Roadmaster Limited is even more expensive than the Vintage Dark Horse.

Apple Carplay and more details

Also with the Furnishing something is happening in 2021. So can LED headlights be ordered for certain models, Power band audio speakers for the Indian Challenger, a 64 liter Top case for the Challenger, a new one Sissy bar and higher windshields. There are also new colors. Also the Indian Scout models get new colors and more accessories in 2021.

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