Indiana Jones: Bethesda and MachineGames Announce New Video Game

Bethesda hinted at a new project on social media today. Bethesda published a teaser video on Twitter without comment, but it speaks volumes. In the short camera flight over a full desk, we see objects such as a whip, a hat and a compass as well as a typewriter with the words MachineGames and also the names of Bethesda and Lucasfilm Games. The Indiana Jones melody plays in the background.

The message is clear: An Indiana Jones from MachineGames, the developers of Wolfenstein. MachineGames confirmed the obvious on their own account just minutes later. “We’re developing an Indiana Jones video game! As big fans of the franchise, it is a great honor for us to develop a brand new Jones game with its own story. We’re very excited and can’t wait to share more of this with you in the future! ”Will executive producer Todd Howard be.

And that’s it, we don’t know any more today. The fan base is still very happy about the announcement, because a few years have passed since the last Indiana Jones game. In 2011 adventure fans were allowed to play Indiana Jones Adventure World – on Facebook.

After Microsoft bought ZeniMax Media, Bethesda Softworks, a subsidiary of ZeniMax, is now wholly owned by the Xbox manufacturer. What that means for Indiana Jones remains to be seen.

via Eurogamer, images: Bethesda, MachineGames


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