Indie sale in the PlayStation Store: the best bargains in our selection

PlayStation has started the big indie sale and promises a campaign of “epic proportions”. This is not only related to the discount of up to 75%, but also to the sheer number of reduced games. Because it is overwhelming again, we have made a small pre-selection for you.

In addition to a few games like Maneater, Desperados III or the Farming Simulator, there are also a number of great games that really deserve to sail under the indie flag. And that deserve your attention too.

The one that was once launched exclusively for Xbox Cuphead is now also available for PlayStation 4. Not only visually, but also playfully an indie pearl and currently available for 14.99 euros. To Undertale you don’t have to lose any words and also Outer Wilds, which is available for 14.49 euros, has garnered all sorts of laurels from the press and fans. A few “classics” are also included: Owlboy for 10.99 euros or Donut County for 3.89 euros.

It was only a few months ago The Last Campfire released, the current game from the No-Man’s-Sky creators of Hello Games. It hits a completely different line than the controversial space adventure and costs only 10.49 euros. Best suits us NEKOPARA, whose issues 1 – 3 are available for 5.49 euros. NEKOPARA Vol. 4 was only recently released for PS4.

Our indie picks

  • Cuphead for 14.99 euros (-25%)
  • Overcooked! 2 for 12.49 euros (-50%, also a commercial version *)
  • Undertale for 10.49 euros (-30%)
  • Outlast 2 for 4.49 euros (-85%, also a commercial version *)
  • Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition for 5.79 euros (-60%)
  • GRIS for 6.79 euros (-60%)
  • Outer Wilds for 14.39 euros (-40%)
  • The Last Campfire for 10.49 euros (-30%)
  • Donut County for 3.89 euros (-80%)
  • The Talos Principle for 3.99 euros (-90%, also a commercial version *)
  • Raji: An Ancient Epic for 16.74 euros (-33%)
  • Windbound for 17.99 euros (-40%)
  • Sayonara Wild Hearts for 7.19 euros (-40%, also a commercial version *)
  • Dear Esther – Landmark Edition for 2.49 euros (-75%)
  • Owlboy for 10.99 euros (-50%, also a commercial version *)
  • CrossCode for 13.99 euros (-30%, also a commercial version *)
  • Moonlighter Complete Edition for 7.99 euros (-60%, also a commercial version *)
  • State of Mind for 3.99 euros (-90%, also a commercial version *)
  • Get Even for 4.79 Euro (-84%)
  • NEKOPARA Vol. 1 – 3 for 6.74 euros each (-50%)
  • The Gardens Between for 4.99 euros (-75%)
  • Iconoclasts for 5.99 euros (-70%)

With PlayStation Plus you get even more percentages on many offers. If there is a (freely available) commercial version, we have added it again this time. Not that the collectors among you would have preferred to have the game on the shelf.

Do you have any tips from this sale that are missing above?

Images: The Last Campfire, Hello Games


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