induction routes in France soon?

Road works specialist Eurovia and start-up ElectReon have signed a memorandum of understanding for the construction of induction charging roads in Europe.

The unlimited range in an electric car may come from the induction roads. The principle is simple: coils placed under the road activate when a vehicle passes and recharge it while driving. No more (long) stops at the terminals? In any case, the agreement between Eurovia and ElectReon paves the way for the expansion of this technology in Europe. The subsidiary of Vinci Construction and the Israeli start-up expert in induction routes wish to equip France, Germany and Belgium.

In their letter of intent, they announced that they wanted to develop a “Electric induction road” relying in particular on “Fleet and network operators”. The system developed by ElectReon involves the installation (as standard or after the fact) of a specific charger on board vehicles. A device that can weigh “Up to 12 kg” for a light vehicle, according to the company. The coils, embedded in the pavement 8 cm deep, must allow recharging at high power. If the first tests with an electric truck allowed charging to 45 kW, the stated goal is to reach 125 kW on the highway.


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