Industrial waste is gold | What does the EU want in Glasgow? | And the German formation continues

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How should the exploded gas price be brought back into line? The outgoing cabinet is discussing this today. It wants to prevent the energy bill of many households from skyrocketing on 1 January, when energy suppliers are allowed to tackle their flexible prices again.

Commercial waste is gold. At least, if you ask the entrepreneurs behind Seenons in Amsterdam. With a smart piece of software they have developed a kind of Uber for garbage collection services: the driver who is nearby collects the orange peels. Or the coffee grounds. Or one of the other 17 types of waste.

In less than a month the time has come: the climate summit in Glasgow. The European Parliament’s Environment Committee will vote on the EU’s position. Presumably: more ambitious emissions targets for 2030 and more climate finance for developing countries.

The formation in Germany continues. Election winner SPD talks to the Greens and Die Linke. It’s not the first exploration; For example, the Greens had previously sat down with the liberal FDP. Whether the parties will come to an agreement soon is unclear: there are still considerable differences.

This piece was the most shared yesterday:
Not only the price of gas, but also the price of electricity is rising rapidly. And electric drivers will notice this at the charging station.

We think you should also read this:
Has (over)bidding been skipped on the rental market? It seems like it, although rental platforms themselves prefer not to speak of bidding.

And you may have missed this yesterday:
Klaas Knot, president of De Nederlandsche Bank and member of the board of the ECB (European Central Bank) warns in an interview with RTL Z about the high house prices and share prices. “House prices are rising rapidly, it cannot continue like this.”

This could come along at the coffee machine:

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ps Do you want to light a fire in your fireplace this winter? Then you better stock up on wood, because those blocks are going fast.

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