Industry receives zero claims: travel advice does not need to be adjusted

The case was brought by a group of small and medium-sized travel companies. They are angry about the fact that almost all countries outside the EU are ‘on orange’. This means that the government recommends only making necessary trips to these areas. Holidays are not included.


The complainants believe that that advice should be amended, because it predates the vaccines. They also find it incomprehensible that you could travel within the EU, but not outside of it. Especially since the corona situation in EU countries is often worse than in countries outside it.

“Vaccines protect just as well within the EU as outside the EU, everyone understands that”, founder Joshua van Eijndhoven of travel agency Voja Travel told ANP news agency.

Inconsistent, but not illegal

The judge agrees that the distinction between EU and non-EU countries is inconsistent, but that does not mean that the travel advice is also unlawful. Within the EU, there is free movement of persons, and that is something that the state can take into account.

The judge also did not want to oblige the state to distinguish between vaccinated travelers and unvaccinated travelers when drawing up travel advice, which the complainants also suggested as an option.

In the first place, vaccinations do not completely remove the risk of infection, the court writes. Moreover, how the pandemic will develop is so uncertain that the state should have the freedom not to choose to distinguish between vaccinated and unvaccinated.

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