IndyCar: Ferrari in the Indy 500? Binotto confirms Indy’s interest

Binotto confirms Indy’s interest

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto confirms Ferrari’s interest in entering IndyCar. How realistic are the plans?

Ferrari in the IndyCar? So far, there have been two appearances on the Indy 500 during the 1950s, when the US spectacle was also counted as part of the Formula 1 drivers’ championship (more on that HERE). But now there are concrete plans for Scuderia to switch to the IndyCar series – as a supplement to Formula 1.

Inventory: In 2021, Formula 1 will set a spending limit of $ 145 million. The limit will be reduced even further in the following years. Ferrari currently operates with a budget of over 400 million euros. So capacities become free. Even more: Ferrari needs a second program if they don’t want to fire people in large numbers. Team boss Mattia Binotto therefore confirms to Italian broadcaster Sky: IndyCar will be an option from 2022!

Binotto says: “We are responsible for our employees and we want to ensure that each of them will continue to have a job. For this reason, we have started to examine other racing programs. We are currently looking at the Indycar. Long-distance sport is also an issue. ”


Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto is considering starting IndyCar

The Italian chassis manufacturer Dallara is currently building the chassis for all teams. Motors come from Honda and Chevrolet. A third manufacturer is desperately needed. Especially since there are rumors that Honda could say goodbye to NASCAR. There were hopes a few years ago when Fiat / Chrysler boss Sergio Marchionne wanted to provide all of the group’s brands with motorsport programs. At that time Chrysler was supposed to get into the IndyCar. Marchionne died in 2018, nothing came of the plans.

2022 is the ideal time for Ferrari to enter the Indycar series. Then the V6 turbos are to be drilled from 2.2 to 2.4 liters and equipped with a hybrid system – for a system output of around 900 hp. This would put the IndyCar close to the performance of Formula 1 engines.

However, Ferrari is only allowed to build engines and could only launch a team of its own. Own chassis are not permitted. This is actually unthinkable for Ferrari.

A program at the Le Mans 24 Hours could therefore be more realistic than an IndyCar project. Since it has been clear that the new LMDh regulations will enable the same car in the American IMSA series, the World Sports Car Championship and the 24 Hours of Le Mans to drive for overall victory from 2022, various manufacturers are interested in it – such as Porsche .
An IndyCar project from Ferrari cannot be ruled out. The series is on the upswing, the Indy 500 is the oldest still held and one of the most important car races worldwide. McLaren has been another Formula 1 racing team at IndyCar full-time since 2020, with the Indy 500 including Fernando Alonso at the wheel. And according to McLaren boss Zak Brown, NASCAR record champion Jimmie Johnson and ex-Formula 1 world champion Jenson Button are showing further top stars of interest.

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