Inexpensive Samsung mobile phone today at Lidl – discounter offers best price

On August 4th, the discounter Lidl sold the Galaxy A13 with good equipment at the best price. Here you will find everything you need to know about the offer.

Today, Thursday (August 4th), Lidl has the Samsung Galaxy A13 mobile phone on offer for only 139 euros. The discounter thus offers the entry-level smartphone

at the absolute best price

. However, you can only buy the device in the local branch, not order it online. As a look at the price comparison reveals, you can currently find the device

nowhere cheaper

. Other retailers charge at least 155 euros for the Galaxy A13 – so you save at least 10 percent compared to the best offer.

View Samsung Galaxy A13 on Amazon

For the low price you get a comparatively well-equipped smartphone that can score with a quad camera on the back, whose main sensor offers a whopping 50 megapixels. Samsung also uses its own Exynos processor 850 for sufficient performance. The display is very large at 6.6 inches and the phone also looks modern with its thin bezels. The battery has a capacity of a full 5000 mAh, so you don’t have to worry about the running time. The memory is not huge at 64 GB, but it is big enough. The advantage of the Galaxy A13 over the flagship models of the S22 series: You can expand the memory by up to 1 TB via a micro SD card – there are cheap memory cards

such as here at Amazon


Is the Samsung Galaxy A13 worth it at Lidl?

If you are looking for a cheap entry-level smartphone with good features for the price range, you will be happy with the Galaxy A13. Especially since you currently pay the least for the mobile phone at Lidl. It is also worth mentioning that the device runs the latest Android 12. You will actually get the update to Android 13 as well. In addition, you are very future-proof with the A13, as Samsung guarantees four years of security updates. The long software support is definitely commendable.

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