ING customers will be a lot more expensive next year

ING announced this today.

40 cents a month

At the moment, customers still pay 2.65 euros per month for the basic package. That will be 3.05 euros. An increase of 15 percent. To be fair, the damage is still manageable on an annual basis. Customers will lose 4.80 euros more in 2022.

The Orange package (from 1.95 to 2.35 euros per month), the standard payment package (from 4.60 to 5 euros per month) and the RoyaalPakket (from 7.65 to 8.05 euros per month) will all be 40 cents per month more expensive.

Not cost-effective

This is necessary, says the bank, because considerable costs are incurred. For example, for developing new (online) services and keeping payment transactions safe. According to ING itself, they still focus on payment services. “Despite these and previous rate increases, the rates ING charges for payment products and services are not cost-effective.”

By the way, having an account is not the only thing that is becoming more expensive. Other services are also going up in price.

Deposit money: 6 euros

For example, if you want to deposit money, you can do so for free twice a year. After that it will cost you 6 euros extra each time. Depositing coins always costs 6 euros.

And withdrawing money is not always free anymore. Customers who have the cheapest subscription, the Orange package with a discount, pay 80 cents per recording. Holders of a student account can use the flap pen for free 12 times, after which they also have to pay 80 cents per withdrawal.

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