Ingenious web services: this is how you find everything – even UFOs

Real-time traffic plans for trains and buses around the world, tracking flights and ships, brewery search, UFO sighting, TV satellite data, historical weather data, webcam search, traffic situation data – we present ingenious web services. You can use all of these mashups comfortably and free of charge in the browser.

There are countless brilliant websites on the Internet that bring together information from various sources. Such web services respectively

                                                                                                                                        Mashups, as one calls these “gathering websites”,
                                             can consist of data that mostly come from Google Maps, Youtube, Twitter, Bing or Yahoo. Especially

                                                                                                                    Google Maps
                                             is a popular resource for website programmers who want to quickly create a new, original mashup. Google and the other providers of data sources provide special programming interfaces (APIs) with which programmers can tap the data for their web service.

This is how mashups work

We have started looking for particularly original, useful or important mashups for you. As a rule, these are very easy to use: simply click on the link we have given, make the necessary entries and you will see the result. With some mashups you don’t even have to do anything: just go to the page and enjoy the web service.

Travic: Over 700 train and bus lines on one side

The project

                                                                                                                                        Travic – Transit Visualization Client
                                             – summarizes traffic information from several hundred sources; at press time there were 707 feeds. Including several dozen in real time. Most transport associations are from the USA and Europe, a few also from Asia. The coverage includes buses and trains.

Travic: Over 700 trains and buses on one side


Travic: Over 700 trains and buses on one side

Train Finder: Are the trains on time, can you make the switch?

The website

                                                                                                                                        Train finder
                                             provides the current positions of long-distance trains in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands and high-speed trains in Luxembourg and Belgium as well as the positions of regional and long-distance trains on numerous German course book routes. In addition, all collected delay data are stored for long-distance trains. You can also query whether you can reach your connecting train.

Where’s the bus to Munich Airport?


                                             track in real time the location of the buses used, which run between Munich and Franz-Josef-Strauß Airport. You can often get to the airport in the northeast of Munich faster and more easily than with the S-Bahn.

After opening the website, scroll down a little to “Livemap”. It shows you the position of all buses updated every 60 seconds.


Swisstrains: This is where the Swiss train runs


                                             track the trains of the Swiss railways in real time. The position of the trains is calculated based on the timetable data, so there is no real-time GPS data.

Traintimes: Track London Underground


                                             track the London Underground in real time. The location of the subway is calculated. There is detailed information about each yellow-marked subway in a small window.

CRF Romania

Follow the state railways in Romania

                                             Also with detailed information about the individual trains.

StadtbahnTracker Freiburg


                                                                                                                                        track this mashup
                                             Trams, buses and local trains in real time in the Breisgau city. However, the position is not determined by GPS, but determined from the departure and arrival times.


There is one for New York

                                                                                                                                        similar solution.

Oldmapsonline: This is what it used to look like


                                             you can search for old maps. Around the globe.

Ufo Stalker: Follow the flying saucers

If you are one of the contemporaries who believe in UFOs, then is

                                             mandatory reading for you. UFO hunters enter their observations on this map. The focus of the reports is clearly on the United States, where the green men seem to feel particularly comfortable. In contrast, there are comparatively few reports for UFOs in Germany.


If, on the other hand, you are interested in real space research, then you should read this article:

                                                                                                                    Apollo 11 – 50 Years of the Moon Landing – Facts, Movies, Photos. diseases at a glance

If you want to know where an infectious disease or even a plague is spreading, then there is

                                             worth a look for you. The known

                                                                                                                                        Google flood trends
                                             however, has not been developed for a long time.

trendsmap: display Twitter trends

For Twitter users

                                             an exciting mashup. The world map shows all Twitter trends. So you can see at a glance which keywords are currently being used where on Twitter.

It's so tight in the North Sea.

marinetraffic: Which ship is currently sailing around?


                                             you can see at a glance which ships are traveling where. And which sea roads are particularly busy. You can search for individual ships and ports and display detailed information about them, for example which ships will soon be moored in a particular port. A treat for friends of maritime traffic.

Radiation levels around Fukushima

The map is no longer up to date, but reflects the status of June and July 2011. But this is interesting

                                                                                                                                        Mashup is still there.
                                             Because it shows the measured radiation around the Fukushima disaster reactor. In view of the recent earthquake in the south of Japan, however, this map is becoming increasingly important.

Determine distance as the crow flies


                                             determine the smallest distance between two points on the map – the straight line.

Cool: Beermapping – a cool light please!

You will find a page for indulging, enjoying breastfeeding and for the targeted, immediately purpose-oriented – because thirst-quenching – beer search

                                             Select the country where you want to search for beer. On the map that then appears, you can have the beer-soul hits sorted by category. shows the way to cool water!

Enlarge shows the way to cool water!

For example, only breweries, beer parlors or beer bars. This means that nothing stands in the way of your next beer enjoyment – unless you have to drive a car.

Update 4.5.2020:

The page is not accessible.

Beermapping A light comes on here

Panoramic views of cities from around the world

On this page
                                             you can select the country in which you want to explore cities virtually. You can not only discover buildings and sights, but also a family of ducks on a stream in Munich, for example.

Wiggleback: What happened on …?


                                             you can view the most important days of memories and events in history for each day. Whether it’s a celebrity’s birthday, anniversary of death or the outbreak of war – you will find it. To do this, type the desired date in the DD / MM format in the input field at the top left and then press “New Day”.


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