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Inspiration for your corona haircut: 20 women with short hair

4 hair trends for spring

Are you the type who wanders around the wide web long before the hairdresser’s appointment to come up with a fine snapshot or do you prefer to leave it to the professional? Whatever you do, know that the choice of hair trends and looks is huge. View our selection or scroll further and be inspired by no less than 20 different fresh short hairstyles.

1: Pixie cuts

This short haircut is best described as ‘young’, ‘dynamic’ and ‘tough.’ Short in the back and on the sides, little volume on top and very short bangs. If this is a bit too spicy for you, there are also the short cuts with longer locks at the front that you will see a lot this spring.

2: Pony

As far as it has disappeared from the streets, the pony is back with a vengeance. If you have the face and type of hair for it, this is the style to make a statement with. From short to long bangs and all versions in between, the charming bangs are hot.

3: Au natural

Furthermore, the trend this spring is to stay as close to your own hair texture and color as possible. Nature as a source of inspiration. If you still want to do something without losing that natural look, go for high- and lowlights or a soft balayage.

4: Long locks

No scissors in the hair? Long locks are in. Of course, have the dead ends cut, but then you can move forward with a fresh head of hair.


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