Instagram also lets you video chat with 50 people at once

The video call button has been added to the app’s message box, where you can normally manage private chats with other users. By pressing the video button you can create a room, in which other users then participate.

Instagram uses the Messenger Rooms function that was previously introduced in the chat app Messenger. You can create the Rooms if you have a Facebook account linked to your Instagram profile. If you have not done that, you can only visit other people’s video rooms.

Instagram already had its own video calling function, but it was less extensive. Users could have a video call with only six people at a time. By expanding this to fifty, the app suddenly becomes interesting for large online meetings.

Fight against Zoom

Facebook wants to make its Messenger Rooms available in many apps as soon as possible. The company is currently testing the same function for WhatsApp, so that large video meetings can also be organized in that app. The current WhatsApp video function is limited to a maximum of eight users.

With Messenger Room, Facebook wants to compete against popular video apps such as Zoom. They are growing at the moment, because home workers in the corona crisis are looking for ways to make video calls.


We’ve seen Facebook add a new feature to all of its apps at a rapid rate. When the company introduced the Stories option in Instagram, it also quickly surfaced in the Facebook app and WhatsApp.


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