Instagram: automatically block stalkers – here’s how

When Instagram contacts or spam bots get too stubborn, the only thing that can help is blocking the relevant accounts. But what do you have to consider?

Social networks connect us with thousands of people – only sometimes, unfortunately, in an unpleasant way. Annoying spam bots or stalkers who constantly bombard you with messages or comments can seriously impair the enjoyment of the platforms. Such problematic accounts can be blocked or blocked at any time on Instagram. What’s special: You can set that

even new accounts

that the user should create,

immediately automatically blocked as well

will. This post explains how this works and what the consequences are.

Block Instagram account

Blocking another account is only possible via the

Instagram app

possible, but not via the desktop version. How to do it:

  1. Open the app and find the specific user you want to block.

  2. Then click on the three dots in the upper right corner of his profile.

  3. Select “Block” from the menu.

  4. You can now either block the selected contact as well as the new accounts that he should create or just block this one account.


The user will


informed about the blocking.

What if you block an account?

  • You are, so to speak, invisible to the blocked Instagram user. He can neither find you using the search function,

    He still sees your profile, your pictures or your stories.

  • Previous likes and comments

    of the blocked user remain, that is, they are still visible. If you want to remove them, you have to do it manually.

  • Even

    Direct Messages (DMs) and Threads

    remain after blocking. However, you can no longer send messages to the contact and vice versa. Any messages that person sent you during the blocking will be lost. If you remove the block, you will not receive it.

  • The blocked user can now

    no longer mark or mention in tags

    , as your username is no longer visible to them.

  • Likewise, the blocked contact cannot be created by you

    Chat room


  • In case you are with the contact in a joint


    you will receive a request from Instagram whether you want to stay in the group or leave it. If you stay there, you will also see the blocked person’s messages.

  • With the appropriate setting: Other accounts that the blocked user may create will also be automatically blocked.

Unblock Instagram

If you decide to undo a blockage, do the following:

  1. Find the blocked account.

  2. Below the profile numbers you will see a button “Unblock”.

  3. Click on it and confirm the step.

Alternatively, you can use your

Profile Settings> Privacy> Blocked Accounts

lift. In any case, the user has to follow you again afterwards – he will not be automatically assigned to your subscribers again if he was before.

What is the difference between restrict and block?

Both types limit interaction with other accounts, but blocking is not as drastic:

  • Locking has no effect on following or unfollowing. This means that you do not unfollow the user and they remain your subscriber.

  • You can hide comments from the person.

  • Private messages are moved to the request folder, where the contact will no longer receive a read receipt, even if you have read the message.

You can find more Instagram tips and information here:

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