Instagram: Exclusive features for subscribers

Instagram influencers can now offer their paying subscribers even more features and content.

Earlier this year, Instagram introduced paid subscription plans for creatives. As part of a test phase, the function could be tested by selected users. Now the subscriptions are getting new features, as Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg explains in his Instagram stories.

Exclusive posts and reels for subscribers

Where previously creators could only publish Stories reserved for their paying subscribers, they can now do the same with feed posts and reels. The posts visible only to subscribers are collected in the new Subscriber Home tab on creators’ profiles. As another new feature, Instagram is introducing the ability to chat with up to 30 subscribers at once. This is realized via group direct messages.

Planned expansion into other regions

Influencers and creatives can set the monthly price for the subscription themselves. According to Instagram guidelines, it can range from 99 cents to $99.99. To show other users that they support creators with a subscription, subscribers receive a purple badge on their profile. In the past few months, the subscription feature has been rolled out to tens of thousands of influencers and creatives across the US. The social network also wants to expand to other regions. However, it is still unclear when and whether the subscriptions will also be available for German influencers.

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