Instagram: How to invite a “co-author” – one post on 2 profiles

With Instagram’s “co-author” function, you can upload and mark feed posts and reels together with a second Instagram user – here you can find out how you can use them.

With the new collaboration feature from Instagram, you can upload photos and reels and add a co-author to the social media platform. A posted post appears on two Instagram profiles and the likes and comments are identical on both accounts.

This function is ideal for creatives, influencers but also private Instagram users who share content. Because it not only prevents you from posting identical content as your co-user, it also helps to increase your reach and your number of subscribers and interaction rates. So the next time you post a photo or reel that you took with another Instagram user, you can turn it into a collab post right away.

How do you post a collaboration on Instagram?

It’s very simple to invite a co-author to collaborate. The feature is very similar to tagging people in a post. If you’d like to post a collab on your feed or on a reel, just follow these steps:

  1. Create your contribution or reel via the Create menu (“+” symbol at the top right of the app).

  2. When you get to the final Share screen, tap Tag People.

  3. Then tap Invite Co-Author.

  4. Find the Instagram account you want to collaborate with and select it. If you selected the wrong account, simply tap the “X” next to the account to remove it. To select multiple accounts, tap on “Edit co-author” after the first user and select the next account.

  5. Then tap the “check mark” in the upper right corner to confirm.

  6. Tap the “check mark” again to publish your post in your Instagram feed.


As soon as you publish the post, the post co-author will receive a notification informing them of the collaboration. To accept it, the user just has to tap on the info in the “Notifications” menu and then on “Review” to see the post. You can choose between “Accept” and “Reject”. If the user agrees, the post will also be displayed in their feed and provided with both user names. Note that Instagram has a limit of 20 tags and contributors combined.

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