Instagram is testing ultra-high 9:16 photos in posts

In the future, the publication of ultra-high photos in 9:16 format in Instagram posts could become possible.

In the future, Instagram wants to focus more on full-screen content in its smartphone app. While posting videos and photos in 9:16 format is already possible in Reels and Stories, this option is not yet available for ultra-high images in posts. This could change soon.

Instagram is testing ultra-tall photos in posts

During the weekly Aks Me Anything round, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri confirmed that Instagram will be testing ultra-high 9:16 photos “in a week or two.” “You can have great videos but not great photos on Instagram. So we thought maybe we should make sure we treat both of them the same way,” Mosseri said. The maximum aspect ratio for images shared in Instagram posts is currently 4:5. Higher image formats are cropped vertically. With the introduction of the 9:16 format for featured photos, Instagram could create more full-screen content when browsing the app.

Redesign was not well received by photographers

Originally, Instagram had planned a redesign of the app, in which full-screen content in 9:16 format would be mandatory. However, this plan met with a lot of opposition from photographers in particular. With the new test run for ultra-high photos, Instagram shows that the portal is still sticking to the format, but no longer wants to make it mandatory.

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