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Instagram killer Lips encourages sexual expression as a social network

Lips will certainly not be OnlyFans, but a social network where there is room for sexual expression. The network wants to offer space to people who have no place on Instagram and Facebook.

The rules on Instagram and Facebook are strict when it comes to nudity. No nipples, bare buttocks or other intimate body parts. Sexual expression is excluded. There are fewer and fewer places where sex workers, sex educators, and adult content creators can express themselves online. Lips wants to fill that gap.

Lips offers space for sexual expression

“We see social networks struggling with the distinction between sexual expression and sexual exploitation,” said the initiators of Lips. “As a result, all sex-related content is ruthlessly excluded. And that’s detrimental to many female and LGBTQIA creators, who can’t express themselves the way they want. ” In addition, the founders point to a ‘sexist system’ in traditional social media that objectifies the female body.

Unlike Instagram and Facebook, social network Lips encourages self-expression in the feeds. The LGBTQIA community is being taken seriously, a recent survey by the cybersecurity company Cheq is mentioned. It shows that 73 percent of positive or neutral news from LGBTQ publishers on social media is locked out because of keywords being blacklisted.

Not a social network app à la Instagram

Lips is a social network that you cannot download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Instead, it functions as a web app that you can add to your home screen. “This is our way of getting around the monopoly of the Apple Store and Android Store,” said initiator Annie Brown in an interview with Mashable.

A distinctive feature of Lips compared to Instagram and Facebook is a predefined tagging algorithm, where users choose topics they want to see or avoid. In addition, the social network wants to keep trolls out by requiring members to go through a unique approval process.

Discourage trolling and hatred

Users are asked to submit samples of the type of content they wish to upload. “If they choose to decline, they can do nothing but follow other people’s content and ‘lips’ (like). It is then impossible to respond ”, explains UX designer Julija Rukanskaitė. “We hope with this endorsement policy, a hate speech detection technology and targeted reporting, we will discourage trolls from coming to Lips.

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Lips is a new social network where sexual expression is welcome


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