Instagram wants to combat online bullying and create a more positive environment with these new features

In the fight against online bullying and an attempt to make Instagram a more positive environment, the photo sharing service brings and tests a number of new features. From now on, you can delete up to 25 comments at a time, which means you can block hateful comments from your profile. Instagram announced this in a blog post.

It is now also possible to block or limit multiple accounts on Instagram at the same time. And also in terms of tagging and being mentioned, Instagram makes an adjustment to the privacy settings.

Positive environment

Instagram has tested the new possibilities and has concluded that the new functions contribute to a more positive environment. This means good news for you and me as well as for well-known influencers with many followers.

You now choose who can tag or mention you on Instagram
(source: Instagram)

In terms of tagging, Instagram introduces a novelty. Users now have more control over people who are allowed to tag them on a post or Instagram story. You can now choose from three options in your privacy settings: everyone can tag and mention you, only people you follow can tag you and mention or no one at all can tag or mention you.

Pin comments

You can place useful and / or sweet reactions at the top
(source: Instagram)

Another new feature on Instagram is the ability to post or pin certain comments to the top. That can be very useful or fun. This function is still in the test phase. A comment with useful information or just a sweet comment will put you at the top, making the reaction faster and more visible. YouTube also already works with the system of pinned responses. As a result, you as a user have more influence on the environment and the range can be used in a positive way.

Not only did Instagram want to create a more positive environment, the company also wants to make a stand against online bullying. If bullies do not get attention, the fun is over for the bullies and the bullying also decreases. So more emphasis is placed on positive responses than on hateful responses.


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