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Instagram wants to help influencers make money more easily

Instagram says it wants to help influencers to make money more easily via the platform. That is why the company made a number of new functions available on Wednesday.

Earning models

This makes it possible to display advertisements in IGTV videos, fans can buy digital badges via Instagram Live to support the maker and items can be sold via Instagram Shopping. The ‘Brand Collabs Manager’ function is also being expanded. This makes it easier for influencers to work out a sponsored campaign in collaboration with companies.

It is the first time that Instagram has actively interfered with influencers’ business models, reports The last news. Influencers were previously free to make their own deals with brands, as long as they followed the platform’s rules.

Better options

Influencers are paid by the customer, so they don’t receive a percentage from Instagram. Still, a report from Digiday showed that there were doubts about IGTV’s tools, which would have too many similarities to YouTube and TikTok, but without the benefits offered by those platforms.

Instagram now says it hopes that the platform can offer influencers better opportunities.

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Instagram wants to help influencers make money more easily


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