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In the home network, you should not only make sure that routers and repeaters run with the latest firmware. Your NAS system should also work with the latest operating system: Current versions close security gaps and bring new functions to network storage.

With most NAS devices you have two options for the update: Either set up the system so that it informs you when a new operating system version is available. In most cases, you can also tell the NAS to install the firmware immediately. Or you can download the new firmware directly from the NAS manufacturer and import it manually onto the network storage device.

If you have a Synology NAS, make the settings for the automatic update in the “Update & Restore” menu of the control panel. In the “DSM Update” tab, you can immediately see which version of the firmware is installed – in the case of a Synology NAS, it is the DSM (Disk Station Manager) operating system. If an update is already available, the NAS reports it at this point and you can start the download and installation directly with “Update now”. How the NAS should generally deal with a new DSM version can be determined under “Update settings”.

You can choose between a notification that a new version is available and the automatic installation of an updated firmware. However, the NAS only installs smaller updates on its own. For larger updates, you must first give the starting signal for the update via “Update now”.

If you would like to import a new version as quickly as possible – for example because you have heard of a comprehensive update with new functions or because the new firmware fills an acute security gap – you should perform a manual update. To do this, get the latest version from Synology’s download center. To do this, first enter the model name of your NAS. In the “Update your DSM version” section, select the currently installed version on the left; you should then be able to click on a newer version number on the right if an update is available.

The quickest way to get a new firmware version for your NAS here at Synology is via the manufacturer's website.


The quickest way to get a new firmware version for your NAS here at Synology is via the manufacturer’s website.

Download the file to a device from which you can access the NAS – for example a notebook that is on the same network. You start the installation by clicking on the option “Manual DSM Update” in the NAS menu under “Control Panel -› Update & Restore ”and specifying the path to the downloaded file. For larger updates, you must then click to agree to the update. The NAS then imports the new operating system and then restarts.

After the update, it is worth checking the installed program packages on the NAS. After major operating system updates, certain NAS apps may no longer work and must – if possible – also be updated: To do this, open the “Package Center” program in the NAS menu and click on “Installed” on the left. Here you can see immediately whether and for which apps you still need to carry out additional actions in order to make them fit for the new system version.


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