Install Windows 11 – without TPM and CPU lock!

10/12/2021 – Tips & Advice:

You want to install Windows 11 – but you don’t have a TPM and a compatible CPU? Then Windows 11 actually spits out an error message, because the new operating system requires TPM version 2.0, Secure Boot and certain CPUs – actually. But there are tricks that can be used to bypass the check for TPM 2.0, Secure Boot and the processor when reinstalling and upgrading Windows 10.

For reading:

► Activate Windows 11 upgrade from Windows 10 with older CPU and TPM 1.2:

► Windows 11 reinstallation completely without TPM, CPU, Secure Boot and RAM check: geht-s -11111109.html

► Legal key for Windows 10 & 11 from a reputable dealer:

► To the PC-WELT t-shirt shop:

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