installing a charging station at home should soon cost less

From January 1, 2021, the laying, installation and maintenance work of charging stations for electric vehicles will benefit from the reduced VAT rate of 5.5%

This week, the Senate voted on an amendment to the government-approved finance bill for 2021, which reduces the VAT rate to 5.5% for the laying, installation and maintenance of charging stations. charging for electric vehicles in living quarters. A great saving on the invoice compared to a VAT of 20%!

The measure will come into force on 1er January 2021 and does not apply to the installation of a charging station in a company. For these, the 20% VAT remains valid.

Until now, the rate of 5.5% could apply to the installation by a professional of a wallbox in a house built more than 2 years ago. In this case, it was indeed possible to benefit from the reduced rate provided for renovation or energy improvement work on a home. Henceforth, this condition of the age of the building is no longer necessary.

Remember also that if this is not a charging station but a reinforced outlet or an industrial outlet placed in a home over 2 years old, VAT is 10%.


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