‘Insulation of houses is going too slowly and is unaffordable for many’

These parties want work to be done quickly on a National Isolation Programme. Today, together with a large number of social parties, they are presenting a manifesto with measures that can contribute to making insulation faster, smarter and more social.

Threshold too high

The Netherlands now has 2.7 million houses that are poorly insulated. According to the three political parties, the subsidy schemes are too high a barrier for home owners to switch to insulation. The problem is that the schemes are especially interesting for people who have enough money to advance the costs. Subsidies are only awarded after the work has been carried out.


It is one of the things that the parties want to change. They want a system with vouchers that the government provides. This can then be used to finance the insulation work. In this way, even people with little capital of their own can get to work with their drafty homes.

They also advocate, among other things, the arrival of isolation teams that actively approach and support residents. The parties want a systematic approach and want to start with the worst houses. They also advocate the training of sufficient professionals to be able to carry out the work.

Climate Agreement

All measures taken together must ensure that the insulation of homes in the Netherlands is three times faster. This is necessary because it has been agreed in the Climate Agreement that by 2050 all homes must be sustainable.

It is one of the reasons that ChristenUnie leader Gert-Jan Segers and GroenLinks leader Jesse Klaver called on the cabinet more than a year ago to come up with a national isolation program. Their motion won a majority in the House of Representatives, but nothing has happened to date.


The three political parties have formed a coalition with a large number of social parties. These are the Dutch Association of Sustainable Energy, Nature and Environment, the Consumers’ Association, Bouwend Nederland, Energie Nederland, Techniek Nederland and the umbrella organization of recognized insulation companies VENIN. Together they present their manifesto today. They hope that many more parties will join the coalition.

The manifesto should primarily be seen as an appeal to the future cabinet to pay for home insulation. The current caretaker government is no longer going to shake things up. A national isolation program will cost billions in government money.

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