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At the beginning of July, Herzenssache – the underwriter – started the second half of 2022 with its co-insurance community. After Lübecker Versicherung initially started with Gothaer as the insurer in the background at the beginning of the year, a powerful quartet is now complete and protects the insured.
The four co-insurers (Gothaer Allgemeine Versicherung, Signal Iduna, Württembergische Versicherung and Bayerische Allgemeine Versicherung) want to cover the needs of customers better and spread the risk more widely, since all four companies share 100 percent of the risk among themselves. Co-insurance is the participation of several insurance companies in the insurance of the same risk.This form of insurance is particularly common when covering large risks.

Herzenssache as an underwriting agent will take care of processing, advertising and the individual products in the future. Gothaer Versicherung is the contracting party in the co-insurance community and underwrites the respective policies. Thanks to its experience in insuring classic cars, Gothaer is particularly experienced for this task. “One might think that we, as a matter of the heart, are competing with product providers with our own classic insurance policies,” says Carsten Möller, Managing Director of Herzenssache, “but this is not the case within the framework of our co-insurance community: we offer a highly specialized solution for an absolutely niche product. The companies benefit from our expertise and we from their structure and size – that’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.”

Another partner in the co-insurance company is Signal Iduna, one of the ten largest insurers in Germany, which specializes in small and medium-sized businesses, among other things. “Signal Iduna fits in perfectly with MVG. Not least because our target groups overlap,” explains Marco Nagtegaal, also Managing Director of Herzenssache, “thanks to its market position, Signal Iduna is also able to insure high risks.”

Württembergische Versicherung is the market leader in the field of vintage and youngtimers. “There is no second player in the German market in terms of competence and size. In this respect, we are extremely pleased to not only officially welcome this highly competent partner as a member of the underwriting community, but also as an internal sparring partner for the exchange of know-how on our side”, says Carsten Möller, looking forward to the cooperation. “Bayerian has been one of the most innovative insurers on the German market for several years and constantly surprises us with new product varieties. It is very exciting for us to have such a partner as a source of ideas at MVG,” says Nagtegaal.

Hans Bast; press-inform

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