Insurer accidentally deposits 2 tons, man decides to keep it

At the end of August 2019, non-life insurer De Goudse accidentally transferred 189,486 euros to the company account of the 63-year-old man. The money was intended for an insured person, who was covered for damage incurred for that amount.

Wrong account

Only when the insured asked seven weeks later where his benefit was, De Goudse found out that the money had been transferred to the wrong account.

When De Goudse asked the loss adjuster to refund the money, he reported that no amounts had been received from the insurer on the account number in question that quarter. “Unfortunately, we are therefore unable to comply with your invitation to pay back,” he said.


De Goudse considered seizing the account, but heard from the bank that the amount was no longer there. An investigation found that the man had funneled the money into accounts of his other companies within an hour and a half via eight large transfers that same day.

De Goudse subsequently filed a complaint against the man. Before the Central Netherlands court, the man continued to deny that he knew anything about the money. He also stated that others could have used his bank account. He pointed to his children.


The judge did not believe his defense. Based on the evidence provided by the insurer and the bank, the court ruled today that the man is guilty of embezzlement and money laundering.

The claims adjuster has been sentenced to an unconditional prison sentence of 12 months. The court also took into account that he continued to deny during the trial and did not cooperate with the investigation.

The man also has to repay the missing money and research costs totaling almost 192,000 euros to De Goudse.

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