‘Insurers catch more and more fraudulent entrepreneurs’

In 2018 there were 73 fraudulent companies, in 2019 there were 125 and in 2020 insurers caught 125 companies trying to defraud the insurance. This is evident from figures from the Dutch Association of Insurers that the AD and the NOS are writing about today.

Doubling in two years

In the first nine months of this year, 200 fraudulent companies have already been exposed. “That comes down to more than doubling in two years,” Richard Weurding of the Dutch Association of Insurers told AD.

According to the association, the increase may be due to the consequences of the corona crisis. As an example, Weurding cites a catering entrepreneur who wanted to start a fire but accidentally let the entire building burn down.

Although it concerns a small number of fraudulent entrepreneurs, there are also relatively few business policies in the Netherlands. In addition, according to Weurding, ‘a larger amount’ is often involved in business policies.

Fake invoices

Last year about 13,000 fraudsters were unmasked, a year earlier there were more than 12,000. The figures are roughly comparable to previous years. Fraud is most common with car insurance. For example, people claimed more damage than was actually done or falsified invoices.

There is also often fraud when taking out insurance. “People provide the wrong information, so that the insurer does not have a correct picture of the situation,” Weurding tells the NOS. “As a result, the premium may have been incorrectly set lower.”

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