Insurers increase healthcare premiums by a few euros per month by 2022

Zilveren Kruis, the largest health insurer in the Netherlands with 3.6 million policyholders, is increasing its monthly premium by 3 euros, it announced Friday morning. At VGZ this is an increase of 8.20 euros per month, at CZ 4.90 euros and at Menzis 3.25 euros.

This makes Zilveren Kruis of the big boys the cheapest at 131.45 euros per month, although the various ones are small. This is followed by VGZ with 132.65 euros, Menzis with 133.25 euros and CZ with 134.50 euros per month.


The substantial increase at VGZ stands out. This year, the insurer has opted to pass on the increased healthcare costs to the consumer. VGZ already used the contribution from the Health Insurance Fund for corona costs last year to keep the premiums as low as possible.

Achmea, which also owns FBTO and Interpolis in addition to Zilveren Kruis, is consuming its own capital. The insurer takes 380 million euros from its reserves in order not to increase the premium too much. In this way, Achmea says it contributes to the affordability of health care premiums.

Today is the last day on which health insurers must announce their premiums for next year. Traditionally, DSW is the first: the medium-sized player with more than 700,000 policyholders already announced in mid-October that it would increase its monthly premium to 127.75 euros, or 3.25 euros per month.

Switching can pay off

Due to the differences in prices and additional insurance, comparison site Independer advises to investigate whether a switch is worthwhile. “It is always good to take a look at what you have now and next year, what you will need next year and which package fits best,” says Mirjam Prins health insurance expert at Independer. You can switch up to and including 31 December.

The premium increases are not directly related to the corona crisis. Hospitals did have to incur more costs, but a large part of the care demand also fell due to the corona waves. Insurers were also compensated for 1.2 billion euros by the government through the Health Insurance Fund.

Dutch healthcare costs have been rising for years, partly due to an aging population, more expensive medicines and higher salaries. For next year, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport estimates that the costs will exceed 100 billion euros for the first time. As a result, healthcare costs have doubled in twenty years.

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