Integrity boss of Facebook advertising division leaves company

The departing product boss Rob Leathern announced this on his Twitter account.

The CEO would have left Facebook at the end of December, according to an internal message to colleagues. He wants to become concerned with “consumer privacy in more than advertising and social media”.

Leathern’s team was responsible for ‘business integrity’. He was responsible for the policy behind advertisements on the network and what the company does to avoid potentially misleading advertising.

Often under fire

This integrity policy has been criticized several times in the past. For example, Facebook refused to remove ads with disinformation from political parties for fear of acting biased in that way.

In addition, Leathern often had to intervene in the past year in case of misleading advertising messages about the corona virus. Advertisers tried to exploit the platform to spread conspiracy theories and other fake news, which has been increasingly cracked down in recent months.


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