Intel Arc A Overclocking and Teardown

Manufacturer Intel lets you look at the cards: Buyers are supposed to be attracted with teardown and overclocking tips.

With the Intel Arc graphics cards, Intel is launching its own GPUs this year, which have to compete against the established and new models from AMD and Nvidia. In order to inspire gamers worldwide for the new GPUs, Intel has now published extensive information on overclocking and the structure of its graphics cards.

Lots of overclocking potential?

The development of the cards was limited to relatively conservative clock rates. Accordingly, even more performance can be increased by overclocking the GPUs. Intel provides the corresponding tools such as Intel Arc Control Performance Tuning itself, and buyers do not have to worry about the card warranty either.

Real Time Overlay

Intel cites the limited edition of the Arc A750 in combination with “Hitman 3” as an example of overclocking. Using the keyboard shortcut “Alt” and “i” a control panel can be displayed that outputs data on performance in real time. Users can change values ​​for the power limit, maximum temperatures or voltage themselves. In the example shown, the frame rate could be increased from 90 to 96 frames per second.

LEDs on front and back

In addition, Intel has shown in a teardown which components the Arc A770 Limited Edition consists of: Under the matte case there is a cooling solution developed by Intel with two axial fans and a heat sink. Both are designed to keep the GPU chips below 90 degrees Celsius and reliably dissipate the power of up to 225 while still working quietly. The coolers are framed by LEDs that can be controlled via the software. Intel has even placed LEDs on the back.

Intel GPUs Arc A770, A750 and A580 officially presented

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