Intel Arc A380: Intel GPU benchmarks and price

MSI had prematurely published benchmarks for Intel’s Arc A380 graphics card. And there is also a price in the room.

Like all board partners, manufacturer MSI has early access to the new graphics chips from Nvidia, AMD and Intel. The company used this information to publish the first benchmarks for Intel’s Arc A380 graphics card. These were taken offline again a short time later, but can still be called up in a roundabout way.

Suitable for e-sports games

A Core i5-12400F and a Core i7-12700KF from Intel served as the basis for the benchmarks. The actual graphics card was an overclocked model with 6 GB of GDDR6 video memory. E-sports titles that are particularly popular in Asia were selected for the benchmarks. The results indicate that the small Intel graphics card should primarily be installed in complete PCs. The GPU could also prove itself in a self-built PC for price-conscious beginners. In 1080p resolution, the Arc A380 achieves 94 frames per second in the game “PUBG” at medium and low quality settings. “Overwatch” runs at 100 fps across the screen, with “League of Legends” even more than 200 frames per second are possible.

Entry-level GPU at an entry-level price

The Intel graphics cards are not expected to go on sale until the end of the second or beginning of the third quarter of 2022. Driver problems are responsible for the shifts. Details on the price of the small Intel GPU have already surfaced. According to this, the card should be available in China for the equivalent of 146 euros. Intel advertises the graphics card as offering 25 percent higher performance than a Radeon RX 6400. With the A580, the A750 and the A770, Intel is also planning further models with more shaders and more memory.

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