Intel Arc A750: Faster than a Geforce RTX 3060 in benchmarks

According to Intel, the in-house Arc GPU beats a Geforce RTX 3060 in a benchmark comparison of 48 games.

Intel had already reported in July that the in-house mid-range GPU Arc A750 Limited Edition outperformed an Nvidia Geforce RTX 3060 in benchmarks it carried out in games. In the report at the time, however, there was only data on a few games. In a new blog post, Intel is now delivering new benchmark results for many other titles. And here, too, the GPU should usually prevail.

As Intel writes, you use the benchmarks to set your own efforts, your own

“Continues our commitment to open and transparent communication with our gaming friends and the technical community as we move toward product availability.”

3 to 5 percent faster than a Geforce RTX 3060

According to their own statements, the in-house GPU runs best when used with a modern API such as DX12 and Vulkan. According to Intel, the almost 50 titles tested have a performance advantage of between 3 and 5 percent compared to the Geforce RTX 3060 at 1080p ultra and 1440p high settings. For untested games that use modern APIs, Intel is also confident

“that the Intel Arc graphics cards will continue to offer an excellent gaming experience”.

The testers used repeatable scenarios for the benchmarks, with exceptions such as “Dirt 5” and “Hitman 3”, in which the game’s own benchmark modes were used. The tests were carried out by two different Intel laboratories with slightly different configurations. Intel hopes that the data

“To shed some light on what kind of performance you can expect when playing some of your favorite modern games.”

For the future, Intel still promises to provide more details about the release period, more information about the architecture and features such as “XeSS” (Xe Super Sampling: the alternative to Nvidia’s DLSS and AMD’s FSR 2.0). One would like to deepen these topics soon.

More information on the Arc GPUs:

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