Intel Arc desktop GPUs: Official drivers leak planned models

Information on which Arc desktop GPUs will be released can be found in official Intel drivers.

The launch of Intel Arc desktop GPUs is fast approaching. A reference to the planned models has now been discovered in official Intel drivers. Specifically in the current beta drivers for the already available mobile Arc GPUs A370M and A350M in version number, which can be downloaded here.

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The drivers list seven different models of Arc desktop GPUs, most of which have not yet been officially revealed. In addition to the existing Xe, UHD and mobile graphics cards, a total of eight different desktop GPU models are listed:

In addition to the existing Xe, UHD and mobile graphics cards, a total of seven different desktop GPU models are listed. Concrete:

  • Arc Pro A50

  • Arc Pro A40

  • Arc A770

  • Arc A750

  • Arc A580

  • Arc A380

  • Arc A310

“Arc Pro” hint surprises

We already knew that Intel is planning a 3/5/7 series split, similar to the naming scheme for the Core CPUs. The “Arc Pro” series is a bit of a surprise, perhaps intended for workstation desktops, similar to Nvidia’s Quadro cards. We know that low-end desktop cards (likely the A310 and A380) will hit the market first in pre-built PCs in China this summer, while the more expensive cards will hit other markets later this year.

The list includes five mobile Arc GPUs, the A350M, A370M, A550M, A730M and A770M that have been previously documented. The A370M has already been released in a few laptops and offers roughly the same graphics performance as Nvidia’s RTX 3050 laptop cards.

information should be treated with caution

Just because a GPU is listed in the driver software doesn’t necessarily mean it will be manufactured and sold. But given the confirmations we’ve already seen for the three tiers of consumer graphics cards Intel is preparing, this seems like a pretty safe rough guide for releases this year. Or possibly early 2023 if supply chain issues linger longer. More spec rumors are floating around, pointing to additional models like an Arc A780.

Leaks suggest that Intel wants to compete with the Geforce RTX 3070 (here in the PC-WELT review) at the top of its high-end offerings, down to budget cards like the Radeon RX 6400 at the bottom end. Of course, availability, price and technical capabilities will determine how competitive Intel’s first generation Arc cards really are. So it remains exciting.

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