Intel graphics cards should also support AMD’s SAM

In systems with a Ryzen CPU, the new Intel graphics cards should enable the Smart Access Memory storage technology.

With Smart Access Memory (SAM), the manufacturer AMD presented a new function in autumn 2020 together with its in-house RX 6000 graphics cards, which is intended to speed up communication between the processor and graphics card. Nvidia countered a little later with a similar feature called Resizable BAR.

Arc supports both techniques

The forthcoming graphics cards from Intel will probably support both technologies. Resizable BAR will probably only be offered in combination with certain Intel processors. On the other hand, if you have a computer with a Ryzen CPU from AMD and an ARC GPU from Intel, you could be cut off from the memory function. Now it has become known that Intel is planning to support Ryzen processors with its graphics cards. Accordingly, Intel will support both Resizable BAR from Nvidia and Smart Access Memory from AMD for the Arc graphics cards. This support should probably already take place at launch. However, Intel is planning a staggered release of its graphics cards.

Crucial question of performance

So if you decide to use an Intel graphics card in the future, you don’t necessarily have to have an Intel CPU to take advantage of faster data transfer. The Arc GPUs are therefore compatible with the processors from Intel and AMD. However, it remains to be seen how the Intel graphics cards will fare in direct comparison to the established models from AMD and Nvidia. Without advantages in terms of performance or price, Intel’s GPUs are unlikely to find many buyers. It is gratifying that Intel is giving in and also wants to support the technology of its competitor AMD.

Intel shows Arc graphics card for the first time – this is what it looks like

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