Intel leaks high-end graphics card Arc A780

A leak from Intel itself has made many specifications of a high-end GPU for the desktop area known.

Intel wants to stir up the market with its own graphics cards. The laptop versions of these GPUs, dubbed Arc Alchemist, can already be found in some devices. However, it was still unclear which plans Intel would like to pursue in the field of highly competitive desktop graphics cards. Now the specifications of such a high-end graphics card called Arc A780 have been accidentally leaked by Intel itself. A presentation video of the new Intel Arc Control software, which is actually supposed to be used to download drivers and optimize settings, also shows many details of the Intel graphics card.

Between RX 6700 XT and RTX 3070 Ti

The GPU shown is likely to be the Arc A780. In the software, the graphics card has an output of 175 watts at a clock rate of 2,250 MHz and a memory clock of 1,093 MHz. The memory should reach a transfer rate of 17.5 Gbps. This would place the card between a Radeon RX 6700 XT from AMD and a Geforce RTX 3070 Ti from Nvidia. The FP32 raw performance of the card should be 18.4 teraflops considering the parameters. The GPU is also positioned exactly between the cards mentioned above, which come to 12.8 teraflops (RX 6700 XT) and 21.8 teraflops (RTX 3070 Ti).

Overlays for games

The video also shows that the Intel Arc Control software can be used to install new drivers immediately after downloading or at a later time. In addition, the program can display performance data of the graphics card in real time as an overlay in the game. Intel’s desktop graphics cards are expected in the second quarter of 2022. However, prices have not yet been determined.

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