Intel shows Arc graphics card for the first time – this is what it looks like

There is now a first image from Intel showing the new Arc graphics card. It’s still a while before it’s available.

Intel’s first discrete GPUs “Arc Graphics” initially only start for laptops. Intel officially presented this on March 30th. The first desktop graphics cards with Arc GPUs will follow from summer 2022. This gives Nvidia and AMD powerful competition and the Arc GPUs are therefore awaited with great excitement.

In a live stream on Wednesday afternoon, Intel is now only revealing the Arc GPUs for laptops (Arc Mobile) and the Xe HPG graphics architecture.

At the end of the presentation there was – Apple says hello – but also a “one more thing” moment: At the end of the presentation, Intel showed for the first time what the design of the Arc graphics cards for desktop PCs will look like. This can be seen from the “18:00” timestamp in the following Intel video:

It’s the first time Intel has shown the concrete design of its Arc graphics cards to the public. So far there have only been unofficial renderings. Now we know: The design of the Arc desktop graphics cards is visually rather simple, especially compared to RTX graphics cards from Nvidia. It can be seen that the Arc graphics cards are equipped with a standard dual axial fan cooling and two slots.

You can read more about the Arc GPUs here:

Intel Arc Alchemist graphics cards: Everything about the performance, price and release of the GPUs

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