Intel’s Arc desktop GPUs will be launched in China first

As the company announced, the release of the Arc desktop GPUs will not be delayed – but they will be launched in China first.

As Intel has now announced, the Arc desktop GPUs will not be delayed, but they will only be launched in China for the time being, as the company announced in a blog post. Intel fans in the western hemisphere are unlikely to be thrilled. The new processors performed solidly in benchmarks (PC World).

In addition to the regional restriction of the Arc desktop GPUs, Intel also wants to supply OEMs with the cards first. For this purpose, Intel’s Arc 3 cards will be delivered to the manufacturers first, with the higher quality Arc 5 and Arc 7 cards to follow later. Retail sales are scheduled to begin shortly thereafter.

Intel wants to slowly introduce manufacturers and consumers to the new GPU family

Intel explains the step by saying that manufacturers and consumers are still completely unfamiliar with the Arc graphics card family. The company shared this information in a community blog post on its website, which states:

“Unlike notebook designs, desktop systems come with a large number of combinations, including memory, motherboards and CPUs. To initially limit some of these variations, we will be working with system builders and OEMs with specific configurations.

We will initially launch our entry-level Intel Arc A-Series for desktops (A3) products in Q2 in China through system builders and OEMs. Retail component sales will soon be available in China as well. Proximity to board components and strong demand for discrete, entry-level products make this a natural place to start. Our next step will be to distribute these products worldwide.

The Intel Arc A5 and A7 desktop cards will begin rolling out to OEMs and system integrators worldwide later this summer, followed by the sale of the components to global distribution channels.”

Overall, it looks like Intel will initially limit sales of Arc products to Asian markets only. For the time being, the sale of the mobile Arc GPUs will only be limited to South Korea.

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