Interest fear hurts Nasdaq; aviation takes off | Financial

The Dow Jones index ends 0.1% higher at 31 530 points. The broad S&P 500 drops 0.8% to 3876 points. Tech exchange Nasdaq is facing a loss of 2.5% on 137533 points. President Biden will endeavor to support small and medium-sized businesses financially.

Important macro data from the US will be released later this week. For example, investors will get to know how consumer confidence is doing and how the housing market is doing.

Investors keep in mind that in addition to interest rates, inflation will also rise. As a result, there could be an interest rate hike from the Federal Reserve. In that case, shares may become less interesting. Tech funds in particular are affected by the further rising interest rates. Tesla is down 8.5%. Apple is leaving 3% and Alphabet is down 1.7%.

Boeing eventually has to give up 2.2% after parts this weekend. The aircraft manufacturer has again been hit by technical setbacks, including a fire in an engine at a United Airlines Boeing-777.

Airlines are doing well on the stock market after Deutsche Bank analysts became more positive about the sector. American Airlines (+ 9.4%), United Airlines (+ 3.5%) gained significant ground.

Kohl’s shoots up 6.2% after a group of activist investor moves into the chain of department stores.


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