Interim injunction against KPN CEO because of radiation 5G network

According to the NBO, citizens are concerned about health risks from radiation from the new 5G networks of telecom companies. The organization wants to know from Farwerck whether he “can put his hand in the fire for one of the most radical technological developments that we are subject to, even if we do not want to”.

The organization claims to represent thousands of people and argued in the Rotterdam court on Monday that the CEO is responsible for the security of the fast mobile networks.

However, KPN believes that there are no grounds for summary proceedings. “KPN adheres to the rules of the market, there is no ground for action against Farwerck. In that case, the union must turn to the government,” said the company’s lawyer. “KPN is familiar with the public debate and takes critics’ concerns seriously.”

Protest against 5G

Several protests have been made in the Netherlands against the introduction of 5G. In September, the Health Council concluded after an investigation that the government and providers can continue with the introduction of 5G, but must keep an eye on the consequences for people’s health.

It has not been shown that the radiation from the network is harmful, but it cannot be ruled out completely, the council concluded.

The judgment in the summary proceedings against Farwerck will follow November 30.

Lost interim injunction Stop5GNL

In May this year, the Stop5GNL foundation lost a lawsuit against the State against the rollout of 5G. Then the preliminary relief judge decided that a negative connection between health problems and electromagnetic waves could hardly be proven.

The foundation appealed the decision. That process is still ongoing.

Also CEOs T-Mobile and VodafoneZiggo

The NBO has also brought preliminary relief proceedings against the CEOs of T-Mobile (Søren Abildgaard) and VodafoneZiggo (Jeroen Hoencamp). These cases will be served on Monday December 7 in the court of The Hague and Thursday December 10 in the court of Lelystad.


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